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Our Artists


Mister Cover

In recent years, Mister Cover has become one of the major Belgian references among cover bands and a true expert in animation with the sole objective: light the fire!

Since 2002, the group includes the biggest hits of legendary bands and offers a journey into the world of Rock, Soul, French and Pop music, from the 50s to today, including the Beatles, U2, Police, Katy Perry, Blues Brothers, Lenny Kravitz, Rolling Stones, Blur, Rihanna, Daft Punk, Queen, White Stripes, Téléphone, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Goldman, Coldplay, Madonna...

This group is for all tastes, ages and generations!                               



Zero Point Five

Zero Point Five is an increasingly popular Luxembourgish rock band founded in 2009 by two classmates.

They have already performed in many festivals in Luxembourg: Rock um Knuedler, Food For Your Senses, Fête de la Musique in Esch-sur-Alzette and many others!

Thanks to their work, they were placed 3rd to the first RTL contest "Wanns de eppes kanns" and were nominated for the "Youth Music Awards" of Luxembourg in the "Best Lyrics" category.


DJ Deniz Labong

This Arlon native, born in early 70s, grew up surrounded with music thanks to his daddy.

This love for music meant a deep desire to become a DJ and in 1986/87, he naturally started in his own garage, with a friend and some equipment. Since then, DJ Deniz Labong toured Europe.

Music lover and fan of good mood, he has already entertained over 32,000 parties with his varied music repertoire.


Best moments

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